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Providing sustainable performance improvements
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An ESD S20.20 program suitable for YOU

OPT's ESD S20.20 training and certification courses are targeted to service personnel, operators, assemblers, technicians, engineers, supervisors, and managers. With an effective ESD 20:20 or ESD S20.20 compliant system, OPT can help your organization minimize or eliminate risks associated with electrostatic discharge, improving product quality and customer satisfaction.

Why Obtain ESD S20.20 Certification?

  • Improve overall processes and performance
  • Minimize or eliminate risks associated with electrostatic discharge
  • Comply with domestic and international ESD prevention requirements, management requirements, as well as ESD testing
  • Ensure a thorough understanding of the sources of ESD in production processes
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Take advantage of our other management system certifications such as ISO 9001:2015 in conjunction with ESD certification, saving significant cost and time
  • Rely on our team of experienced auditors who provide a value-added approach at every visit
  • Benefit from our global presence with a wide array of services available from a single source

Performance Outcomes

Understand ESD S20.20 and the importance of ESD prevention

Describe static
Describe electrostatic discharge
Describe how electrostatic discharge occurs
Identify proper ESD procedures
Identify the causes of ESD
Identify insulators and conductors at your workstation
Define static materials
Identify how much static can damage a component
Describe catastrophic and latent failure
Discuss the costs of ESD damage
Use proper ESD S20.20 protective procedures in your work day

Identify precautions that should be taken in non-protected ESD areas
Understand the importance of grounding
Describe resistive and common point ground
Describe how to properly use and wear a wrist strap
State how often you should test a wrist strap
Describe how to test a wrist strap
Identify proper ESD protective packaging
State proper procedures for transporting electronic components
Properly enter ESD protected areas

Recognize ESD protected areas
Describe ESD S20.20 protective measures in ESD protected areas
Identify ESD garments and describe how to properly wear them
Describe ESD S20.20 control measures used in these areas
Describe how to use toe, shoe or heel grounders
Describe how to test heel grounders
State that an ESD protected area is controlled
Use proper ESD S20.20 control techniques in the field

Use proper ESD S20.20 control techniques when handling sensitive components
Remove static generating items from you work area
Describe the proper use of a dissipative mat
Describe how to ground yourself if an ESD field kit is not available
State how grounding is achieved
State the use of a disposable wrist strap

How Electrostatic Discharge Affects Your Business

Electrostatic discharge can affect almost every phase of electronics manufacturing and processing industry. It can lead to poor product quality, increase in manufacturing costs, and problems with production yields, and product reliability. The damages caused by ESD can cause significant damage to a product, or cause parts of the product to function incorrectly.

According to the ESD Association, the ESD S20.20 certification audit focuses on all the key elements of a good ESD Program, such as documentation, documentation control, training, calibration, ESD control element selection & function, non-conforming product, purchasing and packaging.

Add Cleanroom Certification to your Program

Depending upon the use of the cleanroom, testing and certification is usually performed at initial installation and at specified intervals. In the medical field, certification is performed semi-annually or annually. Electronics firms may have independent testing initially and whenever problems occur. But they are typically monitoring their rooms daily with in-house personnel. OPT has the experience and technical knowledge to help you become Cleanroom Certified and to help monitor and maintain testing services.

Our goal is to provide professional services at a reasonable cost. This simple formula has provided us with a strong client base that we continue to serve year after year. Not everyone is an expert in cleanroom testing and certification so we take strides to provide “user friendly” reporting methods for our customers.
OPT provides services you need, based on industry standards. You decide, and we provide the information to help you get the testing your facility needs.